Preliminary VCFSW Telephone Service Ordering Information

Telephone service will be offered from the SneakyNet exhibit at VCFSW. Want to be connected to the network? Find out more information here.

How to Order

Ordering in Advance

It is preferred that individuals wishing to obtain service do so prior to the date of the show so that provisioning and planning can be completed in advance. During table/exhibit registration for the show, you should indicate on the form that you are interested in telephony services. Otherwise, you may reach out to maldridge directly.

Prior to the show, you will be contacted to confirm the types and quantities of services you will require, as well as work out any special requirements that need to be addressed.

Ordering at the Show

While it is strongly preferrable that services be arranged in advance of the show, we will do our best to accomodate orders submitted during the show. Orders will be serviced in the order that they are placed, and any orders made in advance of the show will be at the front of the line before any placed during the show.

At the show, you may find maldridge in person, or you may attempt to dial 611 from any of the phones connected to the show network. Once contact has been made, please describe the services you require so that they can be noted, and SneakyNet staff will establish service as soon as they are able to do so.

Lines and Trunks

Multiple line and trunk types are available for your convenience. Special lines may be possible to arrange given advance notice.

In all cases it is appreciated if you can supply your own cable to reach the nearest interconnection point for the telephone network. A limited supply of cables is available, and will be used on a first-come, first serve basis.

Analog Telephone Line

A simple analog phone line, often referred to as 'POTS' service. The line provided will be a 2W line using loopstart signalling. If you don't know what your equipment needs but it has an RJ11 telephone port on it, this is probably what you want.

Analog lines will be serviced from a Cisco Integrated Services Router via either a Zhone or Adit channel bank dependent on your location on the show floor.

Nortel BCM Digital Station Line

A digital line served off of a Nortel BCM50 small office switch. Such lines require special telephones to use, and cannot be trunked over the larger network. If you want to use a phone with one of these circuits, please indicate this so an appropriate cable route can be planned.


A T1 is a digital circuit which carries 24 DS0 channels (8kHz x 8 bit = 64kb/s) capable of supporting voice or data traffic. T1s are available for both voice and data use with a variety of signaling types and protocols.

T1s can be provided with either SF or ESF framing, and either AMI or B8ZS linecode, with a preference towards ESF/B8ZS.

T1s require the use of a crossover. A clear agreement must be communicated as to which end will cross over the connection. While out of spec, over the distances involved conventional cat5/cat6 cable is suitable for T1 connectivity.

Voice signalling can be ISDN PRI or bitrobbed CAS.

ISDN PRI is a trunk signaling type using a D channel and the ISDN Q.931 protocol. PRIs will be served out of a Cisco ISR using the NI-2 variant of ISDN, unless otherwise requested.

CAS signaled T1s support multiple signalling types using CAS signaling bits such as FXS or FXO loopstart or groundstart signaling, or various types of E&M signaling.

T1 circuits can also carry data as a high speed synchronous serial line. A number of protocols can be used to carry IP traffic such as PPP, frame relay, or Cisco HDLC. Other protocols, IP or otherwise, may be available on request.

T1 circuits are also, by nature, a channelized medium which can split the channel allocations between multiple purposes, if necessary. Such an arrangement is known as a 'fractional' T1 since only a fraction of the T1 is used for each purpose. In this fashion, data and voice services, or even multiple types of voice service can be mixed on a single T1 circuit.


A limited amount of equipment may be available to use with your SneakyNet Telephone Service. All equipment is expected to be returned in the condition it was issued in.

Analog Telephones

A selection of analog telephones is available, ranging from standard office desk phones to trim-line clones.

Nortel Digital Telephones

A limited number of nortel digital telephones is available.

Additional Services

Additional services are available to connect you to the exciting world of the Internet and the broader Information Superhighway.

Hunt Groups

Customers with multiple lines may want calls made to the first line while the first line is already in a call 'hunt' to their other lines. This has the advantage that multi-line services such as dial-in BBSes or the like can utilize a single number for the convenience of callers.

Dial-Up Packet Data

Dial-Up Packet Data, conventionally just Dialup, will be provided via the circuit switched analog network. Schemes up to v.90 are possible, dependant on equipment capability and line performance.

Session authentication will be via conventional PPP session with username and password authentication. You may request a specific username, or one will be assigned. Requested usernames cannot exceed 9 characters and cannot contain any special characters.

Packet Data Services

Don't have a modem but still want in on the party? Packet data interconnection is available via conventional 10/100-BaseT ethernet as well as 1G-BaseT high speed connections.

The proprietor of SneakyNet wishes to thank the team at ShadyTel and joe_z for their excellent advice and lending much of the language that appears above.

All services are provided for free to event exhibitors, we're all doing this for fun.